Levels 2 & Up Daytime Mixed Belly Dance Technique and Styles

Perfect for students who find a day time class a better fit for their schedules, this class is designed for:

In this mixed level class, we will draw upon an expanded level 2 and 3 curriculum to strengthen techinque, master movements, learn new variations, and explore different styles and stylizations in the dance. Classes will include a combination of technique breakdown, drills, conditioning, finger cymbal and combination work. During the summer session, we will also work with a variety of props, dance styles and folkloric or musical elements to help enhance your dancing and dance knowledge.

The class is mixed level, but instructor feedback, focus, and variations are tailored to the students at different levels. Level 2 students will be coached for proper form and technique. Higher level dancers will also receive additional instruction on layering, more complex variations, and polishing/performance-related techniques to help them intensify and extend the learning experience.


Please note--Class level curriculum and expectations may not be the same for all schools and dance programs. If you are not sure which level is appropriate for you, please contact us at 612-703-7002 or email info@albahira.org.


  Levels 2 & Up Mixed Belly Dance - Summer Session - 10 weeks
  Thursdays 11:30 a.m. - 1:00 p.m. (1-1/2 hours) with Mirah Ammal      
Studio: Mpls-SR (3754 Pleasant Ave. S., Minneapolis, 1st floor sunroom)

             Summer session dates: 6/13 - 8/22 (no 7/4)



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  10-week session $110


10-week Gypsy card $110

5-week Gypsy card


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