Advanced Belly Dance Technique and Styles

(Recommended levels 4 through Professional): This class we will continue to build on the technique, skills, and styles developed in previous levels (including new finger cymbal patterns, new technique variations, more complex combinations, and increasing attention to layered movements.) However, there will also be more focus on exploring and developing your individual dance style and developing as a dancer. We will focus on creating dynamic combinations, exploring styles of belly dance and movement stylizations, musicality and rhythm, presentation, and improvisational skill development. The class will be rooted in Orientale/raks sharki, but will explore these other areas and specialties over a span of sessions: balance techniques (sword, pot, tray, etc.), floor work, urban balady, folkloric stylizations, tribal and neo-tribal fusion styles, ethno-fusion, and more. The class is taught as a mixed level class for upper level students--instructor feedback, focus and variations are tailored to the students.


Please note--Class level curriculum and expectations may not be the same for all schools and dance programs. Exact session dates may vary based on instructor's travel schedule. If you are not sure which level is appropriate for you, or if you would like details about session schedule/dates, please contact us at 612-703-7002 or email


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Due to the cumulative nature of the material, first time beginners should register for the full session; returning students may select any option. If you need to miss a class, you may attend any regular Aalim School class at either location as a make up class within the same session.

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