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Mirah Ammal & Charisse Sisou host Sahra Saida's JOURNEY THROUGH EGYPT I in Chicago July 3-5, 2015

TC RAKS! 2015 and The Spoooooktacular Show!
October 9-11, 2015

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Al-Bahira Middle Eastern Dance Theater is professional dance troupe dedicated to the performance, education, and creative presentation of dance as a living and ever-evolving art form.

Under the artistic direction of Mirah Ammal, Al-Bahira maintains a performance repertoire that is rooted in authentic regional dance and music forms. Our unique approach is contemporary yet deeply respectful of the rich traditions and cultural context of the original forms. We specialize in:

  • Raqs as-sharqi ("belly dance")

  • Folkloric dances of the Middle East, Greece, Turkey, Persia (Iran), North Africa and surrounding areas

  • Creative theatric and fusion works

Aalim School of Dance, Al-Bahira's educational partner, provides weekly belly dance classes, plus dance and music workshops to hundreds of students at two locations in the Twin Cities area.

Mirah Ammal and Al-Bahira dancers perform for cultural events, educational events, festivals, weddings, parties and other special events. Mirah Ammal is also available for educational seminars and workshop instruction.

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Al-Bahira Dance Theater is a not-for-profit organization with fiscal
sponsorship through Springboard for the Arts. Al-Bahira project
activities are made possible in part by a grant from the
Metropolitan Regional Arts Council (supported in part by an
appropriation from the Minnesota State Legislature and the
Minnesota Arts and Cultural Heritage Fund) and through the
generosity of individual donors like you.


Al-Bahira Dance Theater troupe: performances, shows, belly dance classes

Al-Bahira Egyptian (Saidi) Performers Al-Bahira Dance Theater: Contemporary "belly dance" style promo shot (top, photo by PCML Photography) Back row: Lauren, Charlene, Afrita, Perizada, Amara, Habibah, Ameerah, Ozeta, Fareehah, Inara, Iscah; Center group clockwise from top: Mirah Ammal (artisitic director), DeeDee, Kathleen, Anjela, Alicia.
Egyptian (Saidi) folklore performance at Festival of Nations (bottom photo) Back row: David, Wayne (percussion); Standing row: Chaoyun, Alicia, Mirah Ammal (artistic director), Avni (percussion), Amara, Perizada, Vivian; Seated row: Ozeta, Iscah, Fareehah, Anjela; Front: Adara.

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