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On Facebook: Mirah Ammal & Al-Bahira Friends & Fans Page and Al-Bahira/Aalim School Group Mirah and the Al-Bahira's Facebook fan page includes events, videos, performance information, and opportunities for our friends and fans here and around the world to connect. The Al-Bahira/Aalim School group has a discussion board plus classes and events listings and info about other places our dancers are teaching and performing.


Educational Links and Organizations

Mizna is a Twin Cities-based organization whose mission is to bring Arab American arts to life, to support the vision of Arab American artists, and to reflect a depth, breadth, and humanity of Arabs everywhere. Mizna publishes an award-winning literary journal, sponsors an annual Arab Film Festival, plus music, poetry, and literary events throughout the year. They also offer language classes.


Gilded Serpent An online magazine for Middle Eastern dancers published out of the San Francisco Bay area. A great resource for information, articles, and reviews.


IAMED ( - Belly Dance DVDs, History, Photos, Events and More.


Ja's Middle Eastern Drum Rhythms Page A resource for learning and identifying Middle Eastern drum rhythms.


Shira's Art of Middle Eastern dance information site


Zaghareet! An American Belly Dance magazine. Zaghareet provides interviews with American and foreign dancers, Middle Eastern artists, and other professionals, plus regular columns by American writers in the U.S. and Cairo. A site devoted to addressing the questions, concerns and inspirations of plus-sized dancers. The forums on Bhuz are an excellent place for social networking with other dancers around the country and around the world to discuss issues in dance. A meta-resource. Oriental Dancer contains links to articles on other resource sites, some proprietary articles, and dancer forums and chat rooms.


Supporting Organizations and Individuals - Artistic director Mirah Ammal's individual web site. The site includes Mirah's public performance schedule, writings and photos, and a log-in area for her students.

Springboard for the Arts - Springboard's mission is to cultivate a vibrant arts community by connecting artists with the skills, contacts, information and services they need. They offer workshops and services for artists and emerging non-profit arts organizations.

Metropolitan Regional Arts Council (MRAC) - The Guild provides information, guidelines, seminars and support resources for local students, enthusiasts and professionalsThe Metropolitan Regional Arts Council increases access to the arts in 7-county metropolitan area communities by providing information, organizational support and grants. - Al-Bahira dance company member Amara's private web site.


Guild of Oriental Dance - The Guild is a local Minnesota-area belly dance club. Members include dance students, avocational performers and professionals.

Grand Jete - Source for dance shoes, leotards, and other general dancewear, located on Grand Avenue in St. Paul.

Little Egypt Productions Little Egypt (DeeDee Asad and family) bring some of the top names from Egypt to the U.S., and also import beautiful costumes, clothing, music, videos, and household decor products from Egypt. They're also wonderful people.

Sara Cura - Jewelry, scarves, DVDs, finger cymbals, half-sole dance shoes, gifts, tribal goods, and other wonderful things! Sara is also a henna artist and is available by appointment.



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