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Recommendations from the Bahirat

Get recommendations from Al-Bahira Dancers and affiliated musicians on music, videos, books and other products. Plus, when you click from these links, Al-Bahira earns a small percentage back on your total purchase. What a great way get stuff you'll love and help support the arts!

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Dance Shoes & Supplies

Character Shoes

Ballet Slippers


Dance Paws, footUndeez, Pirouettes & Dance Sandals

Hip scarves-wholesale


Music that Inspired "Ifrita Helwa"

"Ghawazee Solo" (Original percussion composition)

"Persian Spring" (Persian suite)

"Bahobik fil Bustan" (Garden Piece)

"Ifrita's Lament"

"In the Temple of Sekhmet" (Sword dance)

"Awakening" (Wings Piece)

"Afrita Hanem" - The movie that inspired the play

Other Samia Gamal films


Other Inspirational Music & Musicians we love

Shewyt Eyal by Essam Karika

Tabla Solo #2 by Mokhtar Al Said


Al Ahram Orchestra

Bassam Ayoub Masters of Belly Dance

Cairo Orchestra


Abdel Halim Hafez

Om Kalsoum

Georges Lammam

Karim Nagi

Hossam Ramzy


Saad Sogheyer

Bellydance Superstars - good "entry level" compilations

Karim Nagi

Souhail Kaspar - drummer


Books, Movies and DVDs

Afrita Hanem - The 1949 Egyptian film that served as inspiration for Al-Bahira's "Ifrita Helwa!"

Cheeky Girls instructional and performance videos

Um Kathoum Biography - A biography of the most famed Egyptian singer of all time.

Grandmother's Secrets: The Ancient Rituals and Healing Power of Belly Dancing - A beautiful memoir with history and dance theory elements.

A Trade Like Any Other: Female Singers and Dancers in Egypt - A scholarly thesis on historical and social roles of entertainers in Egyptian society.

Reading Lolita In Tehran - A beautiful memoir about the women of a book club who gathered to read banned Western literature in post-revolutionary Iran.

Mornings In Jenin - A deeply moving historical-fiction work that traces a Palestinian family from their ancestral home in the early 20th century through El Nakbah and their harrowing forced removal, life in refugee settlements, and their divergent paths.

All the Shah's Men - A history of the Iranian revolution and the U.S. role in those events. Compellingly written, a relatively high-level easy read.

The Middle East: A Brief History of the Last 2000 Years - A Middle East history survey.

The Creative Habit (by Twyla Tharp)








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