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YouTube Videos of Al-Bahira Dance Theater


Of course, in the translation from digital tape to lower resolution for YouTube, some quality is diminished. Smaller shimmies or flutters on drum solos, etc. may be lost, and audio-sync may be off in playback on some viewings. If you require a more high-quality recording sample or a sample of a different kind/style of dance, these and other dances do exist on DVD. Other videos including video of belly dance soloists will be available at and Contact Mirah for more information.


Quick links:    Isis Wings    Cane Dance   El Haggalla   Shamadan


"Awakening" -- Isis wings theatrical fantasy piece with Al-Bahira Dance Theater

This piece will eventually be part of a full-length dance-play fairytale. It represents the scene in which we meet the dark and powerful djinniye and her sizzling fire spirit sisters. This performance was for the Guild of Oriental Dance in April 2008. Choreography by Mirah Ammal, with dancers Safia, Alicia, Ameera, Vega and Mirah. Videography by Linda Brown, costumes by Laurie Olson Williams and Pharonics of Egypt.



Cane Dance (Raks Assaya)




"El Haggalla"

This is a theatrical interpretation of the haggalla, which comes from the Western Desert of Egypt and the border region of Libya.



Raks El-Shamadan

Mirah Ammal performs shamadan (candelabra dance). It's a little dark and difficult to see at the beginning as she enters through the audience in the darkened theater, but lighting improves once she reaches the stage.


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